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What is Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping?

Vinyl vehicle wrapping is a large decal or graphic that is vinyl and is applied over the original paint of the vehicle. Vinyl vehicle wrappings give you diversity in changing the look of the vehicle without having to completely re-paint. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to advertise your business or signify your fleet of vehicles for your business.

Full or partial vinyl vehicle wrappings will be mobile business cards. Applying a vinyl vehicle wrap is done in a short period of time and you can remove the vinyl wrap when you want to. A full vinyl vehicle wrap covers the entire surface of the vehicle, except the roof. A partial vinyl vehicle wrap is where only part of the surface of the vehicle is covered.

How is a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Made?

The first step in creating vehicle wraps, including those for fleets and buses, is the design phase. This includes measuring the vehicle and the designing the graphics to the appropriate scale. The next step is the production phase. This is when the graphic is printed and then it is laminated to add protection to the vinyl. Abrasions and UV rays can cause damage and fading to the vinyl vehicle wrapping so the lamination is an important part of the second phase. The last step is to actually install the wrapping to the vehicle.

What is a Partial Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping?

It is considered that anything less than a full vehicle wrapping is called a partial wrap. The entire rear and half way up the vehicle are called a half partial wrap. A half partial wrap can also include a vinyl logo on the hood. There is also a three-quarters partial vehicle wrap. This includes the rear and most of the way up the vehicle plus a vinyl logo on the hood. Roof wrappings are not included in either a full or partial vinyl vehicle wrapping.

Will a Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping Damage My Paint?

When a vinyl vehicle wrapping is properly applied to a vehicle it will not cause damage to the paint when it is removed. If the vehicle has chipping paint, the wrap may stick to it and pull the chipping paint off when removed. Vinyl vehicle wraps do not stick to rust and will not cause additional rust. Factory paint jobs that are in good condition will not be affected by the application or removal of vinyl vehicle wrappings.

What Should I Put On My Vinyl Car Wrap?

Deciding what should go on a vinyl car wrap can be a daunting task. You have to find a design and color scheme that fits your personality and conveys the message that you want people to see. Picking an appropriate vinyl car wrap for business or pleasure can take some thought. You do not want your vinyl car wrap to be offensive or inappropriate for young eyes. There are a few considerations that must be made when determining what should be put on a vinyl car wrap.

Will the Vinyl Car Wrap Advertise a Company?

Buses and company fleets have been using vinyl car wraps to advertise services for years. Now, with the cost of vinyl car wraps becoming more affordable for small business owners, people are finding them to be a useful advertising tool.

Car wraps can be put on the company vehicles or even on your own personal vehicle. Partial vinyl car wraps are becoming very common and many entrepreneurs are using them to get the word out about their new business. As you drive about town, your company’s name is highly visible and becomes easily recognizable. When someone needs the goods or services that you provide, you will be remembered.

Tastefully designed vinyl car wraps will draw attention and people will remember the company name and even write down the contact information listed. A car wrap that is advertising a company must include the logo and color scheme of the company as well as the contact information. Too many colors or too many non-related graphics can cause the wrap to look messy and unprofessional.

An unprofessional vinyl car wrap that advertises your company can have a negative impact. If you are driving a vehicle that is advertising your company and your behavior is unprofessional, that too can have a negative impact on your company. When deciding to put a car wrap on your personal vehicle you are making a conscience decision to positively promote your company every time you use your vehicle.

Is the Vinyl Car Wrap for Personal Use?

People are discovering that they can order a partial or full car wrap to show their personality rather than having just the factory paint job on their vehicle. They are treating their cars like their laptops and school folders, decorating them to fit their style.

When vinyl car wraps are designed to show your personal style or taste, then it is pretty much anything goes. However, when choosing what to put on the car wrap, you need to remember that everyone will be viewing it when it is applied. To keep people from being offended or angered be sure to keep the graphics and wording appropriate for all eyes. Obscene graphics or words could get you in trouble and leave your vehicle vulnerable to damage.

How Do I Wash A Vinyl Wrapped Vehicle?

Carefully washing your vinyl wrapped vehicle will maintain its appearance and prolong the life of the graphics. The wrap should be cleaned at least every two weeks, or anytime it is dirty.

Immediately after your vehicle is wrapped, you can use isopropyl alcohol and a non-abrasive towel to remove fingerprints or streaks. Application of a waterless cleaner or spray wax will establish a protective layer over the wrap, shielding your vehicle from harmful UV exposure.

Before you wash your vehicle test your cleaning solution on a small area of the car in an inconspicuous area to make sure it does not damage the wrap. All cleaning solutions should be non-abrasive with a pH between 3 and 11. Never use aromatic cleaning solvents like acetone, M.E.K., toluene, paint or lacquer thinner, even on tough to remove spots.

It is a good idea to begin with spot cleaning any difficult to remove dirt or contaminants. Soften the spot by soaking it for several minutes with hot soapy water. If this does not work, try a 2:1 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, or a citrus based cleaner.

Clean Your Vinyl Wrapped Vehicle with Waterless Wash and Spray Wax

Waterless washes are great for maintaining the glossy appearance of the wrap. If there is wax in the waterless wash, do not use it on a matte wrap because it can create glossy areas on the wrap. Applying a spray wax after the waterless wash protects the wrap from damage by environmental and seasonal pollutants.

Hand Wash Your Vinyl Wrapped Vehicle Like a Regularly Painted Car

Start by rinsing your vehicle with clean water to remove surface dirt that may scratch the wrap’s surface. After rinsing, use a mild detergent and water solution with a soft cloth or sponge to wash your vehicle. Rinse the wrap thoroughly with clean water and then either allow the wrap to air dry, or use a soft, non-abrasive towel to dry.

It is also fine to use a brushless automatic car wash with just the spray. Avoid car washes with automatic brushes because they can scratch the vinyl surface, lift the edges of the vinyl wrap, and reduce its glossy finish.

Use A Pressure or Power Washer as a Last Resort

You should only clean your vehicle with a pressure or a power washer as a last resort.

When pressure or powering washing, make sure that the water pressure is below 1200 PSI and the temperature is below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Be careful to keep the nozzle at least 12 inches away from, and perpendicular to, the vehicle to avoid lifting the edges of the wrap, and only use a nozzle with a 40 degree wide angle spray pattern.

If you follow these simple guidelines when you wash your vinyl wrapped vehicle you will keep your wrap looking like new for the longest time possible.

Why Vinyl Wrap is a Great Advertising Solution

You can change the color and finish of a vehicle without painting it by vinyl wrapping it instead. A vinyl wrap can fully cover the vehicle, or just a part, or portions of it. The vinyl cover can be in solid paint or a decal. It is easier to remove a vinyl wrap than to paint and repaint a vehicle.

Preparing the Surface for a Wrap

For an error free durable application, the surface must be free of wax, dust, oil, or anything else that prevents vinyl from attaching to the surface. As a result, every vehicle is carefully cleaned and decontaminated before installing a wrap.

Normally a wrap can last for five years. Wraps will only damage the original paint, if the paint is already chipped in places. Chipped paint is likely to come off during the unwrapping process.

Why Wraps are Great for Advertising

Vehicle wraps turn vehicles into traveling billboards that broadcast the message everywhere a vehicle travels. This is why vinyl wraps have become a popular advertising medium. From complete wraps to partial coverage, signage companies customize vehicle wrap installations as desired.

You make a memorable impression with vinyl wraps. A Cox Communications/Eagle Research Project found that for 48% of respondents, vehicle wraps were more unique than other advertising methods. The same research revealed that TV ads and vehicle wraps were considered the most unforgettable advertising mediums available. A survey by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America found that 96% of the people surveyed said vehicle wrap advertising was more effective than other advertising methods.

Research by the Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement has revealed that a wrapped vehicle generates up to 70,000 daily impressions. Vinyl wrapping offers the most cost-efficient and effective method of advertising. The cost per impression (CPI) of using this medium is significantly less than traditional advertising methods.

According to 3M research, a company needs to spend $130,000 annually in other forms of advertisement to produce the same effect as a wrapped vehicle. Vehicle wrapping is achieved at a fraction of this cost. Since a vinyl wrap lasts up to 5 years, its return on investment is significant.

The Wrapping Process

The vinyl wrapping application process is completed in three stages. The first stage is the design phase. The second stage is the production phase in which the decal is printed and laminated to protect the vinyl decal from abrasions and sun damage. The sun’s UV rays can fade graphics without protection. The third wrapping stage is the installation phase. Usually, the whole process is finished in one day.

Name recognition is boosted by fleet vehicle advertising by more than 15 times over other advertising methods. Statistical Data published by Sign Industry Magazine confirms the value of advertising using the vinyl wrap method. Since vinyl wrap advertising is cheaper, accomplished quickly, and easily removed; it offers the best advertising solution money can buy.

What If I Want To Vinyl Wrap My Personal Vehicle With A New Color?

Vinyl wrapping is slowly revolutionizing how vehicle owners personalize their vehicles. You can personalize your vehicle with a new color combination, and/or new graphic details. Vinyl wrapping is no longer just an advertising method; private vehicle vinyl wrapping is a rising phenomenon in the United States.

The Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping Your Vehicle

The next step for inquiring customers who wonder: “what if I want to vinyl wrap my personal vehicle with a new color,” is to head to a vinyl wrapping provider. A paint job is expensive, and its quality and color choice affects its price. However, a vehicle wrap is cheaper and its quality does not vary with price.

Besides its cheaper price, there are other reasons why vinyl wrapping offers a superior solution. If you dislike waxing your vehicle, with a vinyl cover you can banish the need to wax again! Vehicle wraps are easy to maintain and will look brand new after a simple hand wash with soap and water.

A professionally installed wrap delivers a brilliant finish that lasts up to 5 years without harming the original factory applied paint. Being able to maintain the manufacturer’s original paint also maintains the vehicle’s resale value. Keeping the option of not changing your vehicle’s original factory paint allows you to fulfill your desires without harming your asset’s market value. The flawless finish is delivered without worries about car paint being wet-sanded badly or paint running.

You can achieve a customized look with vinyl you cannot get with paint. Top quality wraps last for years; but they can also be safely removed. A vinyl wrap is a durable cover that shields the underlying factory paint. The vinyl cover protects your factory paint from hazards and natural weathering.

Cleaning the Surface for a Wrap Application

For a successful application, the surface must be free of dust and anything else on the surface that resists the wrap’s attachment to the surface. A wrap will fade if it is left outside in the sun for too long. Keeping the vehicle inside the garage maximizes its useful life.

Owners of supercars and ordinary cars have begun to indulge their whims with vinyl wraps. The amount charged for a new wrap, its ease of application and removal, encourage vehicle owners to use vinyl wraps to change the color of their vehicles. You can be a part of the trend and change your vehicle’s color with a vinyl wrap application!

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